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Smith Genealogy: First Generation

Generation No. 1

ROBERT1 SMITH was born Bet. 1751 - 1771. He married EDY ______ Circa 1785. She was born Circa 1766.

It is believed that Robert Smith or his parents may have been the immigrant ancestor(s), having come to the United States from England or Ireland; however, nothing has yet been found to prove this thought.

I have found several leads that need more investigation:

1... 26 Mar 1798 Probate: Estate of Obediah Hendrick, late of Cumberland County, Decd. The Last Will & Testament of the Decedent was exhibited by one Robert Smith, one of the Executors named therein, and proved by witnesses thereto. On motion of said Smith, he was granted probate of the Will as executor, giving bond with William Evans. Ordered Benjamin Allen, William England, Daniel Allen and William
Palmore, or any three, do appraise in current money the Slaves, if any, and other personal property in said Estate, etc... (Cumberland County, VA, Court Orders, 17:72)

2... A reference is made in "Sketches of Western North Carolina" by C. L. Hunter regarding the military career of one Col. Robert Smith:
"...Capt. Lemmonds’ cavalry company in the regiment commanded by Col. Robert Smith and Maj. Joseph Graham.
At the Raft Swamp, they attacked and signally defeated a large body of Tories; and in two days afterward de-feated a band of Tories on Alfred Moore's plantation opposite Wilmington, North Carolina. On the next day, the same troops made a vigorous attack on the garrison, near the same place.
After this service, he returned home and was frequently engaged in other minor, but important military duties until the close of the war."

3... Will of Adam Meek, Sr. in:
"Mecklenburg Co., NC Will Abstract, Will Book E: p. 29 ADAM MEEK, SR. 10 Sep 1817, prb. not recorded with will.
Being unwell, I will to my son James meek my plantation of 1,000 A on the south side of Duck R. in the State of Tennessee, the negro Jess, and Flavel's Works in two volumes; to my grandson Adam Meek, son of James, the negro Jack; to my sons-in-law Joseph Wallace and John Wilson $100 each; and to my dau Mary Wallace the two books Owen on Communion and Dickinson's Familiar Letters; to my dau Ann Wilson, the two books the Saints Rest and Brown's Catechism; and to my son Robert Meek the plantation of 400 A where he now lives on McDowells Ck., negroes Bill and Dinah and the care of the elderly negro woman Guinea, my writing desk and Family Bible, Erskine s Work's in 10 volumes, and $50. I give to my granddau Elizabeth Meek, dau of Robert, the negro Jean; to James Meek, son of Robert, 140 A on the southeast end of the plantation I now live on adj Robert Smith; to Adam Meek, son of Robert, $50; to my grand dau Sarah Meek Scott 90 A on the west side of the plantation I live on as surveyed by William Wilson; and to Elizabeth Meek, Jane Meek and William Alexander Lees Meek, children of Samuel Meek, decd, the price of the land the sd Samuel lived on which is now sold for $1,000 which I divide as follows: $300 to Elizabeth, $300 to Jane, $400 to William. I give to my niece Agness Hunter 108 A including improvements where I now live agreeable to a plat by George Alexander made 15 apr 1813 as well as her spinning wheel, a chair, her bed and furniture, two cows, two sheep, half of my pewter and tin ware, a walnut chest, the second biggest pot, her mare and colt, the negro Tilly. At my demise Agness is also to have a third of any crop growing on the ground willed to her after the present crop is gathered. I will to my grandson Moses Meek, son of Robert, the negro Abner. All the remainder of my estate is to be sold and the proceeds, after payment of my just debts, are to be divided among the following: James and Robert Meek, Mary Wallace, each of the sons of Robert, Adam and Robert. Exrs: Trusty friend Matthew Wallace and son Robert Meek. Wit: Col. R. W. Smith, Matt. Wallace, Jane Corum and Edyth Smith."

notice; the Robert Smith mentioned in this document was a Col. in the American Rev. His wife Edy, what she went by, was a Wallace and related to the Matt Wallace (Father of the Joseph Wallace mentined in will) that signed the will. She's the Edyth that wit it too. Robert Smith later migrated to northwestern South Carolina with his wife Edy and their son, Robert, where they had at least one other son and daughter. The other son was Isaac and the daughter Ann.
Adma [sic] Meeks son, Robert, married Hannah Donelson and they had at least six children. Their oldest daughter Rebecca Married a Conger and they had one son born before John Conger died. He was Robert Eli. Robert Eli married Naccy [sic] Rhodes and trhey had 10 children and their oldest daughter Frances Parthni [sic] married S.M. Martin. They had 11 children and their oldest Daughter Sarah Jane married Bud Smith, which brings me back to why I mentioned migration of Robert Smith at the beginning. Bud Smith descended through this line. Isn't it interesting how old families marry into the old families they wer neighbors which in the generations before?

Source: I am trying to relocate the site where this was listed.
A different source lists the witnesses of this will sligthly differently:

KNOWN Children of ROBERT SMITH and EDY ______ are:
i. ISAAC2 SMITH, b. 17 May 1786, South Carolina, USA; d. 24 Jul 1861, Youngsville, Tallapoosa County, Alabama, USA;

  • m1 SARA REBECCA LONDERS, Bet. 1801 - 1802, South Carolina, USA; b. 24 Mar 1787, probably South Carolina,, USA; d. Bet. Feb 1837 - Aug 1848, Youngsville, Tallapoosa County, Alabama, USA;
  • m2 MARY JANE GOULDING, 24 Aug 1848, Coosa County, Alabama
  • m3 LUCY L. MCLENDON, bef. Dec 1856; b. Circa 1814.

Robert's wife, Edy, is only listed by her first name (or nickname) in the GW Smith Bible record. There was no maiden name mentioned.
Some reports indicate that there may have been at least two more children born to this union:
Robert W. Smith and Ann Smith. Additionally, I have found other Smiths living near both Robert and Isaac on census records; but I have not been able to confirm whether or not they are related.

If you are a descendant of Robert Smith, I would like to here from you.


Jan Masters said...

I would like to hear from anyone with knowledge of Isaac G Smith b.1758 VA father is Thomas Smith b. in VA -
My Isaac Smith b. 1802 b. 1802-1805 in SC or NC (shows SC in 1850 census in Carroll GA and NC in 1860 census Coffee co. ALA.)m. Elizabeth Turner 1828 Fayette GA.

The LDS Ancestral file shows the above connection. This file was submitted by Donna Shine Wall.

Would like to know more about Thomas and his son Isaac Smith that married Ann Rebecca Gilman.

Anonymous said...

I, am searching for the father and mother of Henry Givens Smith
BD 1820 Henry Georgia.
Married Sarah Ann Clinton 1843
Henry Ga. Moved to Tallapoosa Alabama,and had 13 children and then moved to Titus county,Texas
there DD 1893.
His father and mother from NC,or SC
John Smith

danpat said...

Am researching John Quincy Adams Smith family from Alabama who married Lillie (Lilia) Mary Pilkington. JQA's family (Father's name, Joe, possibly) moved to Georgia in the early 1900's. JQA's BY is approximately 1885. Also, JQA's brother, Francis Scott Key Smith and Grover Cleveland Smith his son (from Georgia) came to and remained in Georgia until they died.
Am I on the right track if I correspond with you? --- Also, in reference to Native American - My husband and I believe there is Native American blood from Smith part of the family - (eg. his grandmother's long raven black hair and his short WIDE feet size 6EEEE.)
This is a wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

This is Brandi from millerville Alabama. If this is the right Smith family I remember terra. Granddaughter of Mather and the late Lois Smith. Their children Janis and mark. Would love to know that I've gotten in touch with family!

Anonymous said...

I am Thomas Addison Smith son of Floyd Everett Smith grandson of Elvie Addison Smith. Elvie's father was Laurence Addison Smith son of Benjamin Smith. His father was George Washington Smith sonof Isaac. Also there is a Slaughter genealogy that shows where Adelia Slaughter married into Smith family. Her ancestry traced back to John Slaughter in North Carolina early 18th Century. They are aslo my ancestors.

Mary Forbus said...

this blog says Isaac Smith and wife Rebecca Lounders were members of the Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church. I would like to know where I could find this membership role of this church. My ancestors James and son Griffin Young founded Youngsville.Griffin had the GA store and owned the land in the area of this church and cemetary. Also did A J Smith of this family marry first Brazilla Fuller. She is buried in this cemetary.There were Youngs and Fullers who came to this area early on all of whom I am related to. I would bet that the Smiths were buried in this cemetary also