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Transcription: Smith Family Bible

1-Robert Smith and wife Edy-------------

11 Issue- Isaac Smith -b. 17/May/1786
His wife-Rebecca -b. 24/Mar/1786

1- Elizabeth -b. 25/Feb/1803
2- Mary Ann -b. 15/Jan/1807
3- Robert W. -b.15/Mar/1809
***** ***** ***** ***** *****
1- Benjamin F. Smith and wife Lucy E.
1- Isaac Wallis -b /Nov/1852
2- John Franklin -b. 8/Jul/1854
3- William Wallis -b. 6/Aug/1856
4- Ellen Mariah -b. 23/Jul/1858 -d. 13/Sept/1865
5- Isaac -b. 30/Jun/1861

Information about this Bible record:
This bible has been passed down through at least three generations. I last knew in 1971, it was in the hands of Coye Smith Barnett, who is a direct descendant of Isaac's son, George Washinton (G. W.) Smith. She is the wife of William Fred Barnett from Goodwater, Alabama. The transcript of the family page was passed to me from Bettye R. Lessley, also a direct descendant of G. W. Smith.

A note accompanting the above transcription said:
The following was copied from an old Smith Bible (G. W. Smith family)

I would like to know if anyone has a scanned copy or photocopy of this record that you can share.